Electric Vehicle Roundup in Golden This Saturday, June 4th, 3-6pm

While the cost of gasoline and diesel has hit record highs, the cost of electricity for cars has dropped. Perhaps you’ve heard of the new Time of Use rates from Xcel Energy. Under that rate plan, you pay 10 cents per kilowatt-hour after 7pm and before 1pm and on weekends and holidays. If you opt out of that plan, you pay 14 cents per kWH at all times. The nice thing about EVs is that you can program any EV to start charging at 7pm even though you plug it in earlier. So maybe it’s time to consider getting an electric car! You can meet the owners of more than a dozen makes and models of electric cars and trucks this Saturday, June 4th, from 3 to 6pm in the parking lot of The Net Zero Store, 17695 S. Golden Rd. This is during the monthly Super Cruise event. Pedego Golden will be there with electric bicycles to test ride, too. Below are some of the electric vehicles already registered for this event.

Do You Own an EV?  Bring it to Our EV Roundup on June 4  

It’s going to be the electric vehicle event of the summer — an opportunity for non-EV owners to meet 30 or more owners of different electric cars and trucks, to “kick the tires” and get their questions answered. If you have an EV you’d like to show to non-EV owners (and fellow EV owners), email me at Jim@GoldenRealEstate.com.

Electric Trucks Take Center Stage at June 4th Event in Golden

The Net Zero Store is hosting another EV Roundup in its parking lot at 17695 S. Golden Road during the SuperCruise event on Saturday, June 4th, 3 to 6 pm. At right is the Ford eTransit van owned by Helio Home.

At left is a Toyota Land Cruiser that was converted to all-electric, shown in a recent rally in Moab, Utah. The green logo on its side says “EVSwap,” the name of the Denver company which will be bringing it on June 4th.

Next is a green Rivian R1T, the first widely available electric pickup to be delivered to consumers. We had one at our April 2nd EV Roundup. A different one is coming on June 4th.

All three trucks are sure to catch the eye of gear heads displaying their gas-powered cars and trucks during that afternoon’s SuperCruise. We’re trying to get a Ford F-150 Lightning, too. We’re announcing the event early so that other EV owners can register their cars or trucks for this special event. To do so, email Jim@GoldenRealEstate.com. During the event, you’ll want to go inside The Net Zero Store, where several staffers from Helio Home, Inc., will be on hand to discuss the possibilities associated with electrifying your home and perhaps moving it toward net zero energy efficiency.

Other EVs registered so far: BMW i3; Nissan Leaf; Tesla Models S, X & Y, and Chevy Bolt. Register to bring your EV!

Used Toy and Game Giveaway This Saturday, Oct. 2, at Golden Real Estate

One of our clients has retired from his career as a child psychologist and is giving away 30 boxes filled with a wide variety of toys and games, including board games. Shown here is the contents of just two of those 30 boxes. We hope to give away most or all of these games this Saturday during the EV Roundup and the SuperCruise event that will be filling South Golden Road all afternoon. Bring your kids and help yourself. The toys and games will be laid out on our patio. If you know of a charity that could use the leftover games and toys, please let us know!