Come to Golden Real Estate for a Tour of Our Net Zero Energy Office

DSC_0016As mentioned in last week’s column, we’re hosting a tour of our 17695 S. Golden Road office on Thursday, Feb. 22nd. You’re invited to drop by anytime between 3:30 and 5 p.m. You may find ideas for how to retrofit your own home or office to make it more energy efficient!  We want to be sure to have enough hors d’oeuvres, so please email Jim@GoldenReal to let us know you’re coming.

MuralsThe following evening (Friday), there’s a similar opportunity to tour my listing at 1960 S. Gilpin Street, near Denver University. The seller of this net zero energy “passive house” is having a party for friends prior to her move to Boulder, and she said that anyone interested in its sustainable features is also welcome. I’ll be there myself to speak with anyone interested in making an offer.


Net Zero Energy Home Near Downtown Golden Just Listed by Norm Kowitz

Passivhaus012_previewBuilt from the ground up in 2014 to meet the stringent energy standards of Germany’s PassivHaus Institute, this amazing home at 407 Garden St. is one of the most – if not the most – green homes in Colorado.  An ultra-efficient building envelope allows this ingeniously designed home to consume as little as 10% of the energy used by a traditional home of the same size. It’s entirely electric, with electricity consumption offset by a 3.9kW photovoltaic system, making the home a net-zero residence and delivering a HERS rating below 10. Currently 1 bedroom and 1 bath, the home was designed with a 440-sq-ft second floor in mind, which would add 2 bedrooms and another bath (plans included). To top it off, the home sits on a private lot with incredible mountain views and is located just a few steps from the Tucker Gulch walking path, half a mile from the heart of historic downtown Golden. Norm Kowitz will be holding this home open this Saturday, Feb. 24th, noon to 2 p.m. Meanwhile, you can view a narrated video tour of this home and its sustainable features at, or call Norm at 303-229-3891.


Rare 3+ Acre Golden Parcel Just Listed by Kristi Brunel

Zillow_mapBuild your dream home on 3+ acres in Golden!  Imagine a mountain view to your west and easy access to all Golden has to offer. This parcel at 15806 W. 12th Ave. is nestled near the base of South Table Mountain and is close to mountain biking/hiking trails, I-70, light rail, Colorado Mills and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). Zoned R2, this parcel also has great potential for a small residential development. The aerial view at left (from Zillow) shows the parcel’s location on the west side of Research Road, halfway between South Golden Road and the employee entrance to NREL. Below is a view of the lot from Research Road, looking to the west with the mountains in the distance. Visit or call Kristi at 303-525-2520 for more information — or simply drive by to take a look.


Don’t Miss the 12th Annual Colorado Environmental Film Festival Next Weekend

ceff 2018 program coverOnce again, Golden Real Estate is pleased to co-sponsor the Colorado Environmental Film Festival (CEFF), held at the American Mountaineering Center in downtown Golden.

Held next Thursday through Saturday, this year’s festival features a record 56 films from 10 countries as well as from local filmmakers  You can see the schedule and buy tickets online at

Opening night (Thursday, Feb. 22nd) is a free “community night,” including a reception with drinks and light appetizers, opportunities to interact with local businesses (including Golden Real Estate), a silent auction benefiting CEFF programs, and the screening of Chasing Coral. This documentary, which was recently short-listed for an Academy Award, looks at coral reefs around the world, which are vanishing at an alarming rate. Zach Rago, one of the stars of the film, will attend the screening and participate in a Q&A session following the screening. CEFF will also announce its five selected 2018 award winning films at the close of the evening. Reserve your free ticket for Thursday on the festival’s website.

Themes for this year’s films range from rivers, transportation, and climate change to endangered species, food/farming, and more. Countries submitting films include the United States, Australia, India, China, Mexico, Canada, Costa Rica, Slovakia, Indonesia and Brazil.

Two other features of the festival are a photographic exhibit and an eco-expo. The Environmental Photography Exhibition and Reception have become a much-anticipated part of this annual film festival. The free reception for the photography exhibition happens on Friday night with a keynote address entitled “Pretty Pictures Are Just Not Enough” by Kerry Koepping, Director of Arctic Arts Project. Complimentary drinks and appetizers are served. The exhibition remains on display at the American Mountaineering Center through April 27, 2018

The Eco-Expo Call2Action is open to the public without a ticket and answers the question, “What can I personally do to affect this issue?” The Eco-Expo features solutions-based organizations  fo-cused on environmental issues. Filmgoers will be exiting the two theaters galvanized to take action on a multitude of environmental concerns presented in the films. The expo hours are noon to 7:30 on Friday and 10 am to 7 pm on Saturday.

Descriptions of all films and their length is at That web page is great, providing filters allowing you to quickly find which films match your environmental area of interest. You can specify short films vs. feature films, Colorado vs. foreign, documentary vs. drama (or comedy, adventure, animation, etc.) as well as 21 different issues (e.g., climate change, GMOs, rivers, etc.).

Half of the 56 films this year are “shorts,” ranging from 4 minutes to 28 minutes. There are 16 feature length films ranging from 40 to 93 minutes in length. There are 12 films in the “Youth” category. One of them is a 17-minute film called “Melting Away” by Colorado high school student Liam Watson, whose passion for skiing drove him to explore how climate change may impact his favorite sport.


Take a Behind the Scenes Tour of Golden Real Estate on Feb. 22nd

Aerial_view_of_office     You may recall my Jan. 4 column in which I described the latest steps taken at Golden Real Estate to move our building to (and beyond) “net zero.”  It involved replacing our gas forced air furnace with a “mini-split” system using only electricity for heating and cooling. Our gas meter has been removed, and now we power and heat our office, as well as charge our electric cars and those of visitors, using only our 20 kilowatts of solar photovoltaic capacity. Without natural gas service, we now consume no fossil fuels, and our Xcel bill is only $11.79 per month (the base charge for being connected to the electrical grid).

Next Thursday, immediately prior to the opening of the Colorado Environmental Film Festival, we’re hosting a behind-the-scenes tour at Golden Real Estate to explain all the many elements contributing to the sustainability of our business. In addition to the mini-split system, you will see how we use sun tunnels to daylight our office and how we super-insulated our building. Come anytime on Feb. 22nd, 3:30 to 5:00.  Refreshments will be served.

Our office is at 17695 S. Golden Road. When you come, bring your white Styrofoam for recycling!

Carol Milan Joins Golden Real Estate

Picture (cropped)    Having grown up in Evergreen and attended the University of Denver, Carol Milan settled with her husband Kevin in Golden to raise their 3 kids. Carol is committed to actively volunteering in the community through her work with PTAs and serving on the boards of the Christian Action Guild and Canyon Point HOA. With many years’ experience as a RN and a business developer, Carol brings her knowledge and passion to providing highly personalized service to her clients, and enjoys helping families market their home or find their dream home!  She and Kevin have also bought and managed investment properties for 15+ years. You can reach Carol at 720-982-4941 or by email at


This Year’s Real Estate Commission Update Class Contains Several Surprises

Real_Estate_Today_bylineAll Colorado real estate licensees are required to take a 4-hour annual update class, and, although the deadline for doing so is the end of the year, Golden Real Estate’s brokers always take it as early in the year as possible. All 10 of us took the class on January 29th, and came away surprised at some of its content.

What surprised us first of all was what the class said about disclosing “affiliated business arrangements” and recommending service providers.

Many larger brokerages, such as Coldwell Banker and RE/MAX, have an ownership stake in mortgage companies and other related businesses, including title companies, inspection companies, and insurance companies. If the ownership stake is 1% or greater, that constitutes an “affiliated business arrangement,” and every client of those brokerages must be presented with a disclosure outlining those affiliations and the fact that the brokerages may profit when buyers or sellers engage any of those affiliated businesses.

Before I created Golden Real Estate in 2007, I was a broker associate at two firms with affiliated businesses, and I dutifully provided the disclosure of affiliated businesses to my clients, but I found it ethically questionable that agents were encouraged to “capture” clients for these affiliated businesses. I became more concerned as it became clear to agents that those with the highest “capture rates” were rewarded with relocation and other referrals from our managing broker.

For years I’ve known that the seller, not their listing agent, should select the title company and that we should offer a list of no fewer than three title companies from which the seller may choose.  I don’t have a problem with that.  In this year’s update class, I learned that the list must be in alphabetical order. Okay, I can handle that, too.

What surprised me was learning that if a brokerage has an affiliated title company, an agent needs only to disclose the affiliation using the state-approved disclosure form, but he/she does not have to provide the names of alternative title companies. Wow!  That pretty much guarantees that each agent’s buyers and sellers will use the affiliated title company and inspection company (since buyers and sellers are generally unfamiliar with such companies).  And buyers who are renters, not homeowners, are likely to accept their agent’s recommendation of his brokerage’s mortgage company and insurance company because they don’t have an existing relationship with providers of those products/services.

This shocked me because it’s so counter-intuitive: a small brokerage with no affiliated businesses (and therefore no opportunity to benefit from such an arrangement) is required to provide clients with the names of three vendors of each and every product or service that might be needed during the course of a transaction.  A brokerage with affiliated businesses, on the other hand (and which stands to benefit from the recommendation) is not required to provide the names of alternative vendors.

A year ago, the Denver Post published the results of an investigation of 2,200 transactions showing that three-quarters of those big brokerages captured 90% or more of the title work for their affiliated title company.

Another surprise for me was the expanded definition of “settlement service providers.” I had been under the impression that the term “settlement service providers” referred only to title companies, mortgage companies and other providers of services related to settlement, i.e. closing.  In the update class, we were told that this term also applies to the following:

►Attorneys  ►Inspectors       ►Surveyors

►Contractors      ►Home Warranty companies

Brokers must now provide an alphabetical list of three providers in all of these categories. I am not allowed to share my own experience, gained from 15 years of  observing the competence and professionalism of service providers in any of these categories. But if Golden Real Estate had a 1% ownership interest in any of these categories, I could recommend just that one vendor, providing only that I disclosed that ownership interest.  It doesn’t seem right to me.

According to the Real Estate Commission, this rule is designed “to provide transparency, accountability, and consumer protection through disclosure” and “to ensure consumers do not pay disproportionately high settlement costs.”  These new rules, as defined by the Real Estate Commission, appear to stifle competition which tends to increase costs to the consumer.  Maybe they should revisit these rules.

Perhaps the most shocking item in this year’s update class concerned the Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act (FIRPTA). If you purchase real estate from a foreign national without a Green Card, you, the buyer, are required to withhold 15% of the purchase price at closing and to forward that money to the IRS within 20 days of closing. (Good luck with that!) You read that correctly. If you’re the buyer, it is your responsibility, and if you fail to do so, the IRS can come after you for the tax not withheld, plus interest and penalties!  The buyer’s agent may also be held responsible but only up to the amount of any commission earned on the transaction. You’re only off the hook by getting a signed affidavit from the seller affirming that he/she is not a foreign national living abroad.

And, as if putting the burden on the home buyer isn’t enough, this federal law states that the withholding is 15% of the entire purchase price, even though the seller will be responsible in the end for paying tax only on his/her capital gain. (It’s helpful to know that this requirement of the buyer to withhold the tax does not apply if the purchase price is $300,000 or less.)

In conclusion, I urge other real estate licensees to take the update class early in the year instead of waiting, as so many do, until November or December.  Meanwhile, I hope this column is helpful to them, not just to consumers.

By the way, Golden Real Estate has a smartphone app listing 100 service providers in 50 categories. You can download it at