We Can Save You Thousands of Dollars on Moving Costs  

Even if you’re moving locally, the cost of hiring two men and a truck or a bigger moving company can run into the thousands of dollars.

At Golden Real Estate, we have offered our free moving truck to buyers and sellers for almost two decades (this is our second truck), saving our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars. Throughout those years we have also provided free moving boxes, packing paper and bubble wrap, saving them additional money.

We have also helped buyers win bidding wars by offering the seller totally free local moving using our truck, movers, boxes and packing materials.  They just “pack and unpack”!  We call it Golden’s “Free Community Truck” because we also make it available free to local non-profit and community organizations such as BGoldN, Family Promise, Christian Action Guild, Lions Club, Habitat for Humanity, and others.

We and Our Truck Go the Extra Mile for Our Clients!

    Our clients have put a lot of miles on this box truck, saving them thousands of dollars on moving costs. They also get free moving boxes, packing paper and bubble wrap.  They only pay for the gas used.  The truck is also used twice a week by BGoldN to pick up food from Food Bank of the Rockies and by other non-profits, including Family Promise of Greater Denver and the Golden Chamber of Commerce.

We also use it ourselves every couple weeks to take truckloads of polystyrene (aka “Styrofoam,” a brand name) to a reprocessing center in Aurora, keeping over 200 cubic yards of the material out of landfills every year. People from all over Jefferson County (and beyond) bring their block white polystyrene to the Styrofoam Corral behind our office.

We Help Buyers and Sellers With the High Cost of Moving

If you’ve ever paid a moving company to move your furniture and other belongings to a new home, you know it can be very expensive. We’re talking thousands of dollars, even for a local move.

I have always felt that our clients deserve something more than a fruit basket or bottle of champagne at closing, so I continue to look for ways we can add value to each buyer or seller relationship. 

I bought our first moving truck in 2003 and our second truck (a former Penske rental shown here) in 2017. Together those trucks have logged 200,000+ free miles for our clients, who would have spent $200,000 or more on mileage fees alone if they had rented a similar truck from U-Haul.

   When a client uses us for two transactions — to sell their current home and buy their replacement home within a 50-mile radius — I not only reduce the commission charged to sell their current home, but I hire the laborers to drive the truck and to load and unload it — using boxes we provide free!

Golden Real Estate Has an Opening for a Broker Associate

If you or someone you know is a full-time, experienced Realtor who shares our values of integrity and sustainability, then consider applying to be a broker associate at Golden Real Estate.

Our commission splits are very attractive and we offer many benefits — free showing service, free moving truck to offer clients, free leads, free Office 365 software, free promotion of your listings in our weekly “Real Estate Today” column published in the Denver Post and four weekly newspapers, and more.

Call Jim Smith at 303-525-1851 to discuss.

Sometimes when our buyer is in a bidding war, we even offer free moving to the seller, even though the seller is not our client! It has helped our buyer win the house they’re bidding on.