We Help Buyers and Sellers With the High Cost of Moving

If you’ve ever paid a moving company to move your furniture and other belongings to a new home, you know it can be very expensive. We’re talking thousands of dollars, even for a local move.

I have always felt that our clients deserve something more than a fruit basket or bottle of champagne at closing, so I continue to look for ways we can add value to each buyer or seller relationship. 

I bought our first moving truck in 2003 and our second truck (a former Penske rental shown here) in 2017. Together those trucks have logged 200,000+ free miles for our clients, who would have spent $200,000 or more on mileage fees alone if they had rented a similar truck from U-Haul.

   When a client uses us for two transactions — to sell their current home and buy their replacement home within a 50-mile radius — I not only reduce the commission charged to sell their current home, but I hire the laborers to drive the truck and to load and unload it — using boxes we provide free!