For Sale: Golden Real Estate’s Former Office Building on South Golden Road

Currently vacant, this unique 1,318-square-foot office building at 17695 S. Golden Road (originally a restaurant) is powered by 20 kilowatts of solar power, which more than meets the energy needs of the building in addition to charging up to three electric vehicles at three Level 2 charging stations. The monthly bill from Xcel Energy is only $12.56.  There is no natural gas service, because the building is heated and cooled by a state-of-the-art heat pump/mini-split system powered by those solar panels. This is a true “net zero energy” building and was planned to be “The Net Zero Store,” but we decided to stick to real estate and sell the building. For a showing, call Jim Smith at 303-525-1851. You can take a narrated video tour and view interior and exterior photos at

Note the 5 kilowatts of solar panels on the building roof.

View of parking lots and 15 kilowatts of ground-mounted solar panels.

One of three wall-mounted mini-splits driven by a heat pump on roof, provides both heating and cooling at no cost thanks to solar panels.

Four Velux sun tunnels (similar to Solatube brand) provide natural light

Golden Real Estate wants to rent back this secondary parking lot plus the two sheds and Styrofoam Corral behind the building for $200/month.

Two ChargePoint charging stations earn average $50/month at no cost to building owner because of solar power.

This Tesla charging station earns $75/month from an Uber driver.