Here’s a Solution to Your Snow-Packed Streets

Does your street still look like the one above — over two weeks after the snow stopped falling?

Would you pay $1 or $2 to have someone plow your street before the snow gets beaten down, rutted and icy?

If you live in the City of Golden, this is not a problem. It’s the only city I know of which has committed to plowing every residential street, no matter how small the snowfall. (If you know of another city that does that, let me know, and I’ll share it.)

If your street is not being plowed, there’s a solution in plain sight, but only if you have an HOA or neighborhood association. Lobby your HOA to hire a person or company to plow your street immediately after each snowfall. The cost will be in proportion to how many streets and homes are in your subdivision, but regardless of size, I bet your association could find a person or company who would do it, and the cost would probably compute to no more than $2 per household per storm. Ten plowing events a year might cost $20 per household, but even it if were twice that, wouldn’t it be worth it?

Your association would probably not even have to raise their monthly dues for such a small expense. Google “snow plowing companies near me,” and get some quotes. Be your neighborhood hero and solve this recurring problem!

(If your HOA, not the city or county, owns and maintains your streets and/or if your community is gated, the HOA is probably already plowing your streets when it snows.)

The above picture is of the street in front of my listing at 14165 W. Bates Avenue. When I returned the day after taking that picture, I found a City of Lakewood road grader and dump truck working in tandem to scrape up the ice-caked snow and plow it to the side. Lakewood would have saved money by following Golden’s example and plowing the street when it snowed! Later that day, I found four Lakewood workers on foot chopping and removing ice on Union Blvd.