56% of Americans Say They’d Live in a Tiny Home  

Treehugger.com is an interesting website which was brought to my attention because of a Dec. 28 posting entitled, 2021 in Review: The Year in Tiny Living.” 

The article contains 10 stories about tiny homes that make great reading and may inspire you to consider building your own tiny home. The headline above was item #1.  Here’s an excerpt from it:

“…Oft-cited factors behind the appeal of tiny houses include efficiency, eco-friendliness, the minimalist lifestyle, the ability to downsize, with the top motive being affordability, as 65 percent of respondents indicate. Of those surveyed, 61 percent say they would spend $40,000 or less on a tiny home, compared to 16 percent who would spend more than $70,000. Seventy-nine percent say they would be able to outright buy or finance a tiny home, rather than a traditional starter home.”

Here are the titles of the other nine articles. Click on them to read the full article:

Young Biologist Builds Her Own Tiny House for $30,000

This Steel-Clad Tubular Cabin in the Woods Is Built Like a Ship

Couple’s Extra Wide Tiny Home Features Mudroom & Ergonomic Kitchen

> Family’s Fabulous Bus Conversion Has Play Loft and Roof Deck

Adaptable Furniture & Mirrored Walls Enlarge a Compact Apartment

This Ambulance Conversion Is a 4×4 Overland Rig With Shower, Toilet and Hot Tub

Young Couple Builds Sprinter Van Home for $8,000

> A Shipping Container Home That Makes Sense.

Small Parisian Apartment Revamped With Clever Space-Saving Staircase: