As Usual, This Year’s CES Show in Las Vegas Featured Some Exciting New Home Technologies and Products

Formerly called the Consumer Electronics Show, CES 2023 made headlines in January for its focus on electric vehicles and EV technology, but it also featured many home-related technologies and products which made headlines at Realtor Magazine. Here are their Top 10 innovations displayed at the show.

First was LG’s ArtCool Gallery, a wall A/C unit disguised as a framed photograph or artwork provided by the user. In 2022, I showed a Willow Springs listing which had this kind of wall unit in various rooms of that home. Below is a picture from that listing. The picture next to the window is the A/C unit. When running, the picture tilts out from the wall an inch or two to allow for air flow. As with a mini-split wall unit, two tubes carrying fluid connect it to a heat pump next to the house. One heat pump serves the units in several rooms, although each has its own remote-like thermostat. Curiously the listing agent didn’t state on the MLS that this was a heat pump system — a big selling point!

I don’t think the units in that listing were from LG, because the LG website shows the availability and price of theirs as “TBD.” Such units are clearly driven by a heat pump, but nowhere on LG’s website could I find the words “heat pump.” Rather, the website refers to a “dual inverter unit.” I find this peculiar because heat pumps are now all the rage. The website also did not mention the substantial tax credits and rebates now available for heat pump installations under the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA).

Second was Kohler’s “Sprig Shower” device, coming this spring, which infuses a shower’s water stream with scents and oils. Kohler will initially offer six different scent pods, including lavender, chamomile and eucalyptus. The unit will cost $119, and a 6-pack of single-use pods will cost $21.

If you’re looking for an interesting alternative to stainless steel, you might be interested in LG’s new MoodUp Refrigerator, which can display 190,000 different color combinations on the LED screens on the front of the fridge.

Meanwhile, Samsung is bringing to market this spring its “Bespoke” refrigerator which has no handles. Both doors open by touching them.

For $6,500, you can replace your home’s front door with Masonite’s “M-Pwr Smart Door,” which incorporates a downlight and two side lights which turn on when you approach it, plus both a smart lock and Ring video doorbell. It is connected to your home’s electricity, but includes a battery backup so you can still get in if there’s a power failure.

For $11-17,000, you can replace your staid old bathtub with Kohler’s “Stillness Infinity Experience,” which brings a “Zen-like, multi-sensory experience, combining water, lighting, mist, essential oils and soothing sounds.” Water cascades over the top into a wooden moat, from which it is filtered and pumped back into the tub.  I’ll pass on this product!

Is pushing buttons or using a key difficult or too much effort for you?  For $189.99, you can buy Lockly’s “Flex Touch” fingerprint deadbolt, shown here.

Do you have a Roomba robotic vacuum and wish there was a robot that could mow your lawn and clear snow from your driveway, walkway and sidewalk? Well, your ship has come in! It’s the Yarbo 3-in-1 Intelligent Yard Robot, below, which has attachments for those two tasks and many others, which are demonstrated at

Completing Realtor Magazine’s Top 10 products for CES were touchless window shades from Eve which respond to voice commands; a 2-wheeled family robot from Enabot; and the “M3 OLED Smart TV” from LG, which is totally wireless except for the power cord.

Here’s a link to the Realtor Magazine article, which has links to all 10 items.

Do you have a favorite new product that has made your life better, more interesting, or more sustainable? Tell me about it (my email is, and maybe I’ll feature it in a future column. And let me know if you purchase one of the products featured above!