Electric Vehicle Expo at the Taj Mahal

For those who missed it, there was a “Drive Clean Summit & Expo” at the Jeffco Government Center on October 12th. The display of electric vehicles in the parking lot included the following:

An electric street sweeper:

A Bluebird electric school bus:

An electric shuttle bus:

An electric work truck:

A Ford eTransit van:

A Nikola electric semi:

A Lightning Motor electric van (made in Colorado):

A Motiv electric step-van:

A Moser propane-powered self-contained mobile Level 3 charging station prototype:

Big Battery-Electric Trucks Are Coming Soon

Previously I wrote about 2021 being ā€œthe year of the electric pickup.ā€ Well, this year is also going to see the arrival of multiple box trucks, buses (including school buses), and big rigs with electric drive trains.

Rivian is already delivering on its order of 100,000 electric delivery trucks for Amazon, shown here. Nikola has an order from Republic Services for 5,000 trash trucks using the same platform as their semi tractor (below). Even Detroit Diesel, despite its name, is going to be producing a battery-electric semi tractor (also below) for its biggest customer, Freightliner.

The Tesla Semi (bottom) begins production by the end of 2021. Introduced with great fanfare in 2017, it has been field tested, Iā€™m told, delivering trailer loads of Tesla cars to local Tesla stores. One was spotted last year at the Littleton store.

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Nikola semi tractor
Detroit Diesel electric tractor schematic
Tesla Semi