Houston’s Realtor Association Bars Use of ‘Master’

With the new reckoning about systemic racism in America, the Houston Association of Realtors (HAR) decided that “master bedroom” should be replaced with “primary bedroom,” according to a CNN report.

So long as guest bedrooms aren’t called “slave bedrooms,” I see nothing wrong with the term “master bedroom.”  (And what slaveowner ever had his enslaved workers sleeping in adjoining bedrooms under the same roof?)

I checked with REcolorado, our local MLS (which is separate from but owned by our local Realtor associations), and I was assured that there is no plan here to follow HAR’s initiative, and I suspect frankly that HAR will have second thoughts about that change. I agree with John Legend, whose response was to ridicule the change and tell them to concentrate instead on the very real issue of discrimination in real estate.