Moving Industry Struggles to Keep Up With Demand

A recent survey of the moving industry (at found the following:

71% of moving companies report experiencing delays in 2021 that exceed what is normal for the peak moving season.

67% of moving companies do not have enough drivers to cover demand, which many attribute at least partially to pandemic-related job loss.

Nearly half of moving companies are booked out at least three weeks further than in previous seasons.

Customer complaints about cancellations have risen 250% this season compared with 2019.

The survey dealt with both in-state and interstate moves. While we can’t help you with interstate, we can help you with in-state moves. If you buy or sell a home using one of Golden Real Estate’s agents, you get free use of our moving truck (similar to a large U-Haul) and access to our moving personnel at $25/man-hour. And if you use Golden Real Estate to sell your current home and buy your new home, we will even cover the labor and fuel costs. In either case, we provide free moving boxes (including those expensive wardrobe boxes), packing paper and bubble wrap.  You just pack and unpack!

Prior to listing sellers appreciate having the use of our truck for transporting stuff to relatives, storage, charities or the dump.

Apparently U-Haul is having trouble meeting demand, too. I know because recently a non-client asked to rent our truck.