Regulation of Community Association Managers Recommended by Dept. of Regulatory Agencies  

If the General Assembly follows the recommendation of DORA’s “sunrise” report, we may see the return of regulation of HOA management companies and of the community association managers (CAMs) they employ.

DORA’s recommendation, released earlier this month, stated that regulation of CAMs “is necessary to protect consumers” and recommended the creation of a new regulatory program.  

CAMs were regulated starting in 2015, but the bill to retain that regulation (which DORA recommended) was killed by the General Assembly in 2017 resulting in the phase out of CAM regulation in June 2019. With the General Assembly now controlled by Democrats, this new recommendation may result in legislation restoring regulation of CAMs that will be signed into law by Gov. Polis.

You can find the full text of DORA’s sunrise report here.