(Updated) How Does a 3-Day Test-Drive of a Tesla Sound?  

As a Tesla enthusiast and long-time owner — I have owned Teslas since March 2014 — I have always wished I could let friends borrow my Tesla long enough for them to fall in love with it, but the usual considerations of insurance, etc., have stood in the way.

Now, it’s possible for anyone to rent one of multiple Teslas, including my red Model S shown above, on Turo, a car-sharing app that takes care of the insurance and other concerns in return for a 25% cut of the rental fees. On their app/website, you’ll find every make and model of car, from Honda Civics to Teslas at rates ranging from under $100/day to over $400/day. My car is listed at $117/day and has unlimited free Supercharging.

Here’s a direct link to my Model S: https://turo.com/us/en/car-rental/united-states/denver-co/tesla/model-s/1520008

If you want to rent it, click on the date field and it opens a calendar with lines through the dates that are already taken. Then you can click on a start and end date for your rental.