Come Visit Us at Our New Downtown Golden Office, 1214 Washington Ave.  

The broker associates at Golden Real Estate and I are truly excited about our new office in the heart of downtown Golden. It has been over 14 years since we launched Golden Real Estate in the former restaurant building at 17695 S. Golden Road.  We would have liked to be in downtown Golden, but we needed a place to park our free moving truck where it could be seen by passersby as our “billboard on wheels.” 

When Rita and I bought that building, I was a broker associate at RE/MAX Alliance, and I wanted it to be a satellite office for that brokerage, but RE/MAX International wouldn’t allow us to display a RE/MAX sign because of the other franchises in the area. I liked the building more than the brand, however, so that’s when I decided to create Golden Real Estate, securing the corporate name and the URL for our website. And, as they say, “the rest is history.”

A downtown storefront has the advantage of more walk-by and walk-in traffic. Before signing the lease on our storefront, I checked the transaction volume of the other real estate brokerage on the street and discovered that their ratio of buyer sides to listing sides was 2:1, whereas our ratio on S. Golden Road was 1:2.  We look forward to increasing our buyer representation in our new location.

The left half of the picture above is a visualization of the TouchPoint Systems display that will be installed this week. It is a through-the-glass touchscreen unit which allows passersby to  search the MLS real-time, featuring Golden and Jefferson County listings in a slide-show format when not being actively used. The closest similar installation is in the window of an Olde Town Arvada brokerage.

Sharing our office is Wendy Renee, a loan officer with Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation. Would-be buyers will appreciate being able to meet with a lender in conjunction with their home search without leaving our office.

Although we can’t park it downtown, we’ll still be offering our free moving truck to buyers and sellers and to local non-profits such as BGoldN, the Christian Action Guild, and the Golden Chamber of Commerce, of which we’re a long-time member. It will still be parked at our former office on South Golden Road, which Rita and I still own, and which we’re converting into a one-stop shop for “all things sustainable” under the name The Net Zero Store.

Several readers, upon learning of our move downtown, called me last week to ask if we’re still accepting Styrofoam for recycling. I assured them that nothing has changed in that regard.  As a matter of fact, we took a truckload of the material to the recycling center just this week and expect to continue doing so twice a month from the “Styrofoam Corral” behind our former office,

Aside from this column, which I have been publishing on page 3 of this newspaper for over a decade, we are best known, perhaps, for the live-action narrated video tours and drone videos which we create for each of our listings. I enjoy creating the narrated videos so much, I offer to do them for our broker associates, although some of them choose to do their own. They are so effective that we have sold listings to out-of-town buyers who only saw the home in-person when they flew in for the inspection.

For out-of-town buyers interested in homes listed by other brokerages, we have shot video tours for their eyes only, often resulting in a signed contract without those buyers seeing the home in person prior to inspection.

For sellers, we provide a free staging consultation to help their home show its best. We also have an in-house handyman to work on those things that need to be handled before going on the market.